Harvard Park is by far the best child care center I have ever experienced. My son has thrived so much from being there. We noticed a huge increase in his learning from him learning how to spell his name to him learning the alphabet, numbers, and shapes. He continues to surprise me on a daily with just how much he is learning. The staff at Harvard Park are incredible and my son has grown a strong attachment to them. They make you feel like family and really show that they truly care about your child and their needs. I am truly grateful for everything Harvard Park has done for my son and will continue to spread the work on just how great they are!
— Courtney Hillen on 06/22/2017
Such a wonderful learning environment. We noticed our son’s vocabulary increase in a very short period of time. They love families and encourage parents to know each other. Regular field trips, whether it be to the library, a drive to get to know your neighbor or to a park. It isn’t just the teachers that love and teach, but the owners are very much involved and love the kids too.
— Melissa Hanson on 06/21/2017
We did our research before choosing Harvard Park for our daughter. That was more than a year ago and we still feel so fortunate to have found such a healthy, safe, and caring place for her to learn and socialize.
— Ty and Jamie Brown on 06/22/2017