"I enthusiastically recommend this group of talented and caring professionals without reservation to anyone who is looking for the best for their kids."
-Veronica Christensen

A Program Is Only As Good As It's Staff...

Harvard Park Children's Learning Center is a full day learning center serving the North Side of Spokane, WA. We have an exceptional staff that receives ongoing extensive training in order to meet our high curriculum and teaching standards.

All our teachers have a degree in either Early Childhood Education, Elementary Education, or a related field. Our extremely low turnover rate means that our staff has been with us for an average of six years or more. Our passionate, caring team at is dedicated to providing the best care and education to each and every child.


Center Owners

  • Leanne Dixon
  • Suzi Colman

Before becoming the owners of Harvard Park in 2006, Suzi and Leanne were the management team of the program. Suzi began teaching for us in 1992 and Leanne in 2000. Both are dedicated to continuing to provide the children and families of the North Side of Spokane with the best Preschool and Childcare program that has become Harvard Park's reputation since 1988.

Our Staff


Naomi started working for us in 2003. She has her degree in Early Childhood Education and has taught children of all ages. With us she has taught in our Preschool, Pre-K, and Kindergarten Classes. Now, she's followed one of her passions and has taken over our kitchen. She makes all of the amazing food from scratch that the children eat while at school. If you need advice on clean eating, a recipe or a menu idea, Naomi is the gal to talk to!


Barbara has been teaching for us since 2005. She has a degree in Early Childhood Education.  Barbara is a busy lady. She splits her time in classroom with time at the front desk as our Assistant Director. Barbara's experience and knowledge makes her an invaluable member of our teaching team. If you have a question, she can get the answer for you! Barbara and her family are hockey enthusiasts. If you are ever at a Spokane Chief's Game, you are sure to find them rooting for their favorite team!


Stephanie began teaching for us in the summer of 2008. Stephanie holds her Master's degree in Elementary Education and has spent most of her time with us teaching our Pre-K Class (Blue Group). Stephanie is calm, fun and caring. She brings her knowledge of children's development into the classroom and the children thrive. When not at work, Stephanie loves spending time with her two boys. She is an amazing cook and baker! She also loves hockey!


Taylor just started teaching with us this fall in our Green Group! She has a degree in Special Education and is completing her training in Early Childhood. She comes from a large family, with whom she loves to spend time with. She enjoys spending time outdoors and keeping herself busy when not at work.  


Gia has completed her degree in Early Childhood this past year and is excited to be teaching our Red Group in the morning and Orange Group in the afternoons! She has three young children that keep her hoppin! She is a dog lover and has several pit bulls at home that she loves to dot on.  


Raychel began teaching with us in 2015.  She has taught in our Kindergarten class, school age class and is now joining forces with Stephanie to take on Pre-K full time. Raychel is a busy gal working full time and  finishing up her teaching degree!  She is fun and full of energy! When she is outside with the kids, she is running and playing just as hard as they are!  When she is not at work, she spends time with her family, friends.


Jessica has recently joined our team on a full time basis.  Jessica had chosen to place her daughter in our Blue Group (Pre-K) while she finished up her degree in Applied Dev. Psychology. She began working in our classrooms doing field hours, then later she began subbing for us. We finally convinced her to stay and now she is teaching in our Yellow Group (Preschool Class) full time. Jessica and her family love to spend time outdoors hiking and playing sports.  


Betty started working for us in 2014. She retired from the YMCA where she taught for 15 years. Now she helps us out by covering breaks for the teachers and subbing in their classes when they are absent. We are lucky to have someone with her experience and education to help out our staff and enrich our children's lives. When Betty is not helping out in a classroom, she is working in her garden, camping or spending time with her daughters.


Brian took over as our Van Driver in 2014 when our beloved "Papa Tom" retired.  We are so lucky to have Brian as part of our team! Brain has been a part of our family for many years, but as a parent. Now he has the important job of getting the children to and from school safely. When not at work, he spends time with his family at sporting events and camping!


Bekah is a busy girl! Like Raychel, she is working full time and finishing up her teaching degree. Bekah loves to be outdoors when she can and is enjoying her new role as Yellow Group Teacher with Jessica!