Summer Camp in Spokane, WA

Enrollment for our 22nd Explorer’s Summer Camp is now closed. Enrollment for 2020’s Summer Camp will open March 15, 2020. Call us if you have any questions. at 509-327-8964!

From mid-June to the end of August, we offer both full time and part time summer camp for children ages 2 1/2 and potty trained to age 10. Our summer camp ensures your child will have fun filled adventures every day.


Activities include:

  • Science Experiments

  • Weekly Field Trips

  • Daily Camp Activities

  • Cooking Projects

  • Water Play Time

  • And More!

Some of Our Summer Activities

Picture Perfect

With this activity the kids take pictures, we print them out and their pictures are displayed throughout the classroom and building for everyone to see. They use their pictures to create drawings and collages and create a story about why they took the picture. Every day they have a different theme or color to look for to take pictures of.

Sports and Games

This introduces new games for Game Time. It opens up the opportunity to talk about winning and losing, and how to support each other. It teaches the kids how to set rules for a game and not change them in the middle to make sure they always win.

Chef Challenge

Everyone gets a veggie and together we explore ways to prepare them. It gives children the opportunity to try new things and to try things prepared by others.

I Can Build It!

In this activity, we will be building boats to float (or that sink) and then test them to see how much weight they can hold.

Paint, Paint, Everywhere

We are all dressed up in our painting suits anyways so why not paint ourselves and then play in the sprinklers to wash off? The kids can use wet chalk to draw on the sidewalk, paint the outside of the orange group's window, or even paint the rocks at bike track!

Come Away with Summer Friends

This activity is gauged towards learning to say goodbye. We get our goodbye books made and everyone gets a chance to say goodbye to their new friends that they have made. This helps take the stress out of the last week of summer and learning to say goodbye to friends.

Gardening and Bugs

This year we are going to be partnering with the church in a Community Garden! We would like all the children to take ownership of this garden by helping out - pulling weeds, watering and later harvesting. We will learn about what bugs help/ hurt the garden and how we are helping others too. Not to mention growing our own food!

We the People

Let’s face it you can’t celebrate the fourth of July only one day we need a whole week!! We will do red, white and blue everything this week from paint to glitter.

Call Harvard Park Children's Learning Center North today at 509-327-8964!