Summer Camp in Spokane, WA

Enrollment for our 2019 Explorer’s Summer Camp is now closed. Enrollment for 2020’s Summer Camp will open March 15, 2020. Call us if you have any questions. at 509-327-8964!

From mid-June to the end of August, we offer both full time and part time summer camp for children ages 2 1/2 and potty trained to age 10. Our summer camp ensures your child will have fun filled adventures every day.


Activities include:

  • Science Experiments

  • Weekly Field Trips

  • Daily Camp Activities

  • Cooking Projects

  • Water Play Time

  • And More!

Some of Our Summer Activities

Mad Scientist:

How about a week of experimenting with things that fizz and bubble? The kids will get the chance to explore chemical reactions, cause & effect, gravity and what ever else they can think of!

Sports and Games

This week will be all about playing sports and learning how to play games with each other… games like sharks and minnows not monopoly. We are going to be busy learning new games, sports and teamwork!

Chef Challenge

Every group will choose a different veggie and will be asked to come up with different ways to incorporate it into a food that you wouldn’t think would have it as an ingredient. In the past, the groups has use tomatoes to make a chocolate cake, spinach to create fruit snacks and cauliflower into “tater tots”! Every group will make enough to share with everyone at camp!

I Can Build It!

This week we will be filled with STEM and STEAM activities such as building bridges, designing houses, creating boats that will float and hold weight.

Paint, Paint, Everywhere

We are all dressed up in our bathing suits anyways so why not paint ourselves and then play in the sprinklers to wash off? The kids can use wet chalk to draw on the sidewalk, paint the outside of the orange group's window, or even paint the rocks at bike track!

Come Away with Summer Friends

This week is all about reflecting on the fun and friendships we created over the summer. Activities planned this week will allow the children a chance to say goodbye to those who are leaving for the school year or who may be transitioning to another group.

Gardening and Bugs

We have partnered with the Westside Church of the Nazarene to create a Community Garden! The children will be actively involved in the garden by participating in the whole process. Each group will decide what to plant, care for the plants until it is time to harvest! We will learn about the role bugs and insects play in the success of the garden. Then come harvest time, the children will create baskets of fresh veggies for the church’s food pantry.

We the People

Let’s face it you can’t celebrate the Fourth of July for only one day… we need a whole week!! We will do red, white and blue everything this week from paint and glitter to cooking projects and dress up days!

Call Harvard Park Children's Learning Center North today at 509-327-8964!